Patient Simulator - 10 Lead ECG - w/Arrhythmias - PS-2105

حالة التوفر :   حجز مسبق 2-4 اسبوع

الشركة : BC Group
النوع : PS-2105

The Model PS-2105 is a microprocessor-based Patient Simulator. It provides ECG Simulation with 36 arrhythmias, 17 waveforms with constant QRS duration, 15 machine performance-testing waveforms and 7 paced rhythms, plus a unique training mode and an optional SpO2 Output. The PS-2105 makes viewing and selecting the desired waveforms and parameters quick and intuitive, with all operational information being available at the same time on a graphic display. Easily scroll through parameters and available options.  Holter simulation

• Special power up feature allows the user to choose to use default, last or custom settings
• Auto sequences for BMP and performance
• 10 universal patient lead connectors
• 9 volt battery power
• % battery life display
• Low battery indicator
• Available battery eliminator
• Display backlight

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